2015 – A Hero’s Journey

A Hero's Journey

A Hero’s Journey | April 3 – May 10, 2015

Art is an adventure!

sandals HJ

West African sandals, TSCPL permanent collection (2006.013.015 a and b)

Explore five world environs: ocean, mountain, desert, forest and river from the viewpoint of mythical creatures, legendary heroes and reluctant folktale characters. You’ll even get to help make a woven, community rug.

A Hero’s Journey is The Sabatini Art Gallery’s annual children’s exhibit for 2015.  Young people will have the opportunity to “travel” to different places in the world. They will use visual literacy skills as they navigate through five environs.

By examining artworks from The Sabatini Art Gallery’s permanent collection, visitors will make connections to the accompanying text. They will decode symbols and use observational and mapping skills to complete their trip.

Tours for School Groups

Presented for two levels. To make a reservation, call 785-580-4565 (TSCPL-Youth Services):

  • Younger students | grades K-2
  • Older students | grades 3-5

Fred Hagstrom, TSCPL permanent collection (2006.43)

Large busloads will be organized into smaller groups of 10-15 students. Each group will be guided through the exhibit and, for large groups, related activities such as a Myth teller and/or hands-on activity.  Depending on the total size of the group, we can provide up to 3 additional activities (your choice):

A Myth teller – Live reading of a hero story by our entertaining librarians.

Library Check-in Heroes – See the hard-working librarians who handle the returned books as they come down the chute.

Hands-on art activity – Drawing activity, Be the Hero, for students to fill in a variety of everyday scenarios where they can help.

Michael Perkins

Multimedia Producer and Visual Artist at the library. Painter of the Kids Library Mural and 3D scapes, Designer of the Learn and Play Bus and AdventureMobile. When not at work you can find me drawing, making stuff out of wood and getting into trouble.