2013 – Material Conversations

ruth powers detail

Spring (detail) by Ruth Powers

August 2 – September 22, 2013

agbas water 1 p 75

Water (detail) by Dora Agbas

Material Conversations is a juried competition showcasing 19 works by 10 artists. This selection of contemporary explorations in fiber arts comes from the Kansas-based group, EDGE, an organization with regional to international membership consisting of fiber artists, art quilters, and mixed media artists.

These EDGE artists (many of whom don’t regard themselves as “artists”, as they identify with other professional backgrounds) draw inspiration from the natural world, the elements, personal challenges, and life events. They refer to the calming repetitive motion of sewing, stitching, and putting things together to make something beautiful. Although each of them uses techniques of traditional quilting, these are not the typical bed covers we associate with quilting. Using cloth much like a painter works with pigment, these are artistic pieces of expression.

kibbee 1 p 75

Confetti (detail) by Debi Kibbee

Our guest curator is Lawrence, Kansas art quilter Sharon Bass. When planning this exhibit, her goal was to create “conversations” among the work—to set up relationships through the forms and colors in the pieces. Bass invited artist Bruce McIntosh of Chama, New Mexico, to jury the exhibit. McIntosh was asked to select a show that would hang well together and create a lively, visual conversation. He was intrigued by the relationships among the varied works submitted and said he looked for pieces that richly explored and expanded the conversation.

BM 1 p 75w

Juror Bruce McIntosh

“I think this approach is essential for establishing a more dynamic, stimulating exhibit: a show that more vibrantly expresses the range of possibilities of artists working with textiles and fibers, with surface and texture,” McIntosh said.

We asked Bass why she chose a mixed-media artist who doesn’t work in fiber as the juror. She responded, “The medium isn’t as important as the sensibility of work. McIntosh uses wood and found objects the way we use cloth and found materials.”

Our companion exhibit to this contemporary quilt show features drawings and watercolors from our permanent collection by WPA artists working in Kansas: Kansas WPA Project: Quilts.

Exhibiting Artists

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Dora Abgas (Prairie Village, KS) | Linda Filby-Fisher (Overland Park, KS) | Jo Fitsell (Denver, CO) | Patty Hawkins (Estes Park, CO) | Debi Kibbee (Omaha, NE ) | Janet L. Perkins (Lawrence, KS) | Ruth Powers (Carbondale, KS) | Karen Stiehl Osborn (Omaha, NE) | Judith Trager (Boulder, CO) | Carol Watkins (Lafayette, CO) | Charlotte Ziebarth (Boulder, CO)

Featuring work by:
Sharon Bass, guest curator | Bruce McIntosh, juror | Marcia Derse, textile designer

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Artist Talk with Sharon Bass & Dora Agbas
Saturday | Aug 24 | 2 – 3 PM | Sabatini Gallery
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Michael Perkins

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