2011 – One World, Many Stories

LEFT to RIGHT: Grandmother and granddaughter in Lacronan, Brittany, France; Young musicians ready to play, Lhasa, Tibet; Gathering firewood in Niger, Africa; Colorful houses along the canals, Burano, Venice, Italy.

JUNE 3 – AUGUST 12, 2011

Opening Reception & First Fridays Artwalk
Friday | June 3 | 5:30-8:30 PM | Sabatini Gallery

Artist Talk with Jim Richardson
*Unless he is on assignment somewhere in the world!
Saturday | July 2 | 3-4:30 PM | Marvin 101 AB
Watch an interview with Jim Richardson here.

Jim Richardson. Photo courtesy www.arts.ks.gov

As a National Geographic photographer since 1984, Lindsborg, Kansas artist Jim Richardson has literally traveled around the world, contributing more than twenty stories to this iconic magazine.

From the British Isles to Africa, Thailand to Europe, Richardson documents everyday activity like celebrations, competitions, musical performances and family meals. What might look “exotic” or “foreign” at first, becomes quickly familiar when the similarities of daily activity emerge.

Richardson’s images can have a reflexive effect on us, asking the viewer to consider how we  might appear to a culture unfamiliar with daily life in America. Ultimately, humans do the same things everyday—eat, love, learn, play—regardless of location or culture. Our stories are more similar than we might expect.

We are thrilled to have Jim Richardson as our featured artist for the 10th Annual Art Exhibit for Children. Over the past several years, the Sabatini Gallery has focused our Children’s Show exhibit on art we think will enhance Summerfest, the Library’s summer reading program for children, teens and adults.

Studies have shown that continuing to read between May and September improves test scores, and that kids who don’t participate risk losing some of their reading skills and score consistently lower on tests than kids who do. The American Library Association picks a yearly theme intended to get kids excited to read over the summer, and for 2011 they chose, “One World, Many Stories”. It worked so well with Jim Richardson’s photographs, we used it, too!

Jim Richardson’s One World, Many Stories will potentially become a travelling exhibit to be hosted at libraries all over Kansas. —Heather Kearns, Associate Curator

About the Annual Art Exhibit for Children

The Sabatini family made a gift to the library to name the gallery for Alice Sabatini, and to fund the annual art exhibit for children. The idea with this exhibit is to get kids interested in, and excited about art. We think that doing that, and encouraging kids to read, is one of the most important things we can do to promote education in our community. We want to give kids excellent experiences with art. Just as with early reading experience, kids who have good experiences with art have higher rates of innovation, patents, copyrighted materials, inventions and ideas when they grow up. —Sherry Best, Gallery Director

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Michael Perkins

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