Wedding Planning Duties for Dudes!

It takes two to make a wedding: the Bride and the Groom.  Sometimes it seems like the groom gets overlooked though. Here is a book that is completely for the Groom, Be the Man,” by Chris Easter.  The subtitle of this book is“The Man Registry guide for grooms – a practical (and funny) guide to navigating the wedding minefield.”  Now that certainly grabs your attention!

Having successful traveled through his own wedding planning with his wife, Easter offers inspiration and guidance on topics from budget to bachelor party, from rehearsal to reception. In the introduction he says, “The days of grooms being innocent bystanders in the planning process are long gone . . .” This has to be welcome news to the bride in your life!

The arrangement of “Be the Man” should make the reading of this book timely and effective.  The sixteen chapters follow the timeline of events and checkpoints that occur during your engagement and through the wedding day.  This makes it easy to pick up and read a specific chapter, applying the information in whatever stage of wedding planning you find yourself.

There are also important pieces of advice and main point references in the book:

“Man Up” – How to bring your “A” game

“Man Down” – Learning from past grooms’ mistakes

“Cha-ching” – Quick money-saving tips

“Tradition Says” – Traditional or etiquette-related facts and tidbits

Easter has an easy flow to his writing and many funny ideas are thrown in to keep it interesting!  He even has some ways to smooth the waters if your bride becomes “Bridezilla” as the wedding planning moves forward.  So, if there’s one book that would be helpful to the Grooms in our midst, “Be the Man” looks to be it!  Good Luck, gentlemen!

Other Books for the Groom —

The Groom-to-be’s Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to a fabulous Ring, a Memorable Proposal, and a Perfect Wedding By Today’s Groom magazine

This is a book by guys, for guys at Today’s Groom Magazine.  The magazine “has gained national attention for its unique male perspective on engagements, weddings, and married life.”




A Gentleman Walks Down the Aisle by John Bridges

“For the groom, the fathers of the bride and groom, the best man, the groom’s attendants, and even the gentleman who participates in the celebration merely as a guest, this book explains what to do, where to stand, what to wear, and what to say.” This book even shows you how to tie your bow tie !




For the Groom: a Blueprint for a Gentleman’s Lifestyle: a Blueprint For a Gentleman’s Lifestyle by Colin Cowie

From celebrity stylemaker and wedding guru, Colin Cowie, comes the ultimate style guide for the modern groom. He offers “expert guidance for husbands-to-be on how to participate in creating an unforgettable wedding and making a graceful transition to life as a newlywed.”