After the Wedding: What to do with Your Bridal Gown

Wedding planning often seems to revolve around that perfect dress. Everything else must coordinate with THE dress! July 14 Wedding Dress 2

A bride wants to live in that magical moment where she wears a dress made for a princess and feels like she’s part of a fairy tale.

When you have such wonderful feelings about your bridal gown and create so many terrific memories while wearing it, what’s a girl to do with it AFTER the wedding? You could always save it for a family member or friend to wear at their wedding or try to sell it on eBay, craigslist or in the classifieds of the local newspaper.

Or . . . here are three creative ideas for your wedding dress after you’ve completed your own fairy tale:July 14 wedding dress

  1. Save your wedding dress and dissemble it for a family member or friend’s garter, bouquet wrap, roll-up jewelry bag or formal purse. This idea allows you to pass down part of your dress and connect your special day with important women in your life.
  2. Host a bridal themed party and have all your friends wear their gowns and then go out on the town. What could be more fun than getting dressed up with your best friends and toasting the good life?
  3. If you are feeling generous, you could donate your gown to a charity known as Brides Across America. This charityJuly 14 Wedding Dress 3 provides free wedding dresses to military brides who couldn’t otherwise afford one. Another great cause is Brides Against Breast Cancer who use the proceeds from donated gowns to help cancer patients across the United States.

If you are still thinking and dreaming about THE perfect wedding gown, check out these books in the Wedding Neighborhood of your library. You will be on your way to starring as a beautiful princess in the next fairy tale! And let us know what ideas you have for your wedding gown.

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