Showered With Love – advice and inspiration for the shower hostess

Then don’t forget about the rehearsal dinner, the reception, and the post-wedding brunches! Who is responsible, who do you invite, and what will you do? Never fear, you can find all the answers in the Bridal Shower section of our Wedding Neighborhood.


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bridal ShowersThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bridal Showers by Jennifer R. Barr is a great place to start. Even if you’re not an idiot, this book is full of great tips and interesting facts. Not only will you find the usual details about arranging a shower, you’ll get interesting trivia about the tradition as well – be thankful you don’t live in Finland where the bride travels from house to house with her grandfather holding an umbrella over her head to collect gifts and well-wishes from family and friends. There are reminders about things you might not have considered like getting your carpets cleaned at least two days before the shower, so it has time to dry; and providing treats for the ever-increasing number of vegetarians who may be on your guest list. With everything from menus to budgets, this is a very practical guide for any hostess whether you’re an organized pro, or an unprepared novice.


Creative Wedding ShowersFor those who like crafting and DIY projects, check out Creative Wedding Showers by Laurie Dewberry. You’ll find inventive plans to please unconventional brides, as well as ideas to liven up traditional themes like the Time-of-Day shower or the Recipe Shower. There are templates for creating your own envelopes, favor boxes, and even a mini photo album, and a resource page so you can find the materials to complete them. Each chapter comes with recipes and activities to round out the entire event.




The Smart Guide to Bachelorette PartiesFor those of you with more informal plans in mind The Smart Guide to Bachelorette Parties will lead you in the right direction. You’ll find chapters like Barhopping, Male Dancers, and Preventing Trouble for a wild night out. If you are hosting a tamer crowd, however, you can throw a Spa or Fashion-Show party, or something completely different like a Charity party for the bride who would rather give than receive, or a Sporting party focused around the active bride. As in most of these books, you’ll find recipes and games, but you’ll also find money saving ideas, shopping resources, and practical tips from hostesses who’ve already been in your shoes.


Remember, whatever you do, you can’t go wrong as long as the bride and your guests have fun!

For further inspiration check out some of these sites the next time you are on-line: for creative, professionally printed invitations at a reasonable price. highlights a beautiful shower for knitters in the April 13, 2012 entry. for themes including… a library-themed shower, of course!

(This blog was written by Meg Porteous, member of the Wedding Neighborhood Team.)