Planning Your Wedding Without Losing Your Wallet!

Come to the library and check out some fabulous books in our Wedding Neighborhood on planning the wedding of your dreams!

In the book, “1,001 Ways to Save Money . . . and Still Have a Dazzling Wedding” author Sharon Naylor imparts expert information for thrifty brides.  Naylor is the author of more than 30 wedding-planning books and is the wedding Q&A specialist at iVillage Weddings and as well as a contributing editor for Southern Bride. She has been featured in InStyle Weddings, Bride & Groom, and Vows.

In this newly revised book (updated 3rd edition), you’ll find plenty of updated budget-trimming tips and helpful websites to ensure that you have the best of everything.  Naylor’s advice goes from cakes to caterers, from bridal registries to bridesmaids’ dresses, and from invitations to decorations—all at a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

You’ll also learn where not to cut corners, how to help your family and bridal party save money, and where to find free assistance, all without compromising on the wedding of your dreams. This valuable book also includes several cost-comparison sidebars that will help you make decisions that could save you hundreds, maybe even  thousands, of dollars. The savvy bride-to-be can’t afford to be without this comprehensive guide to turning a fantasy wedding into a reality!

Planning for your walk down the aisle is now easier than ever with “e-Plan Your Wedding: How to Save Time and Money with Today’s Best Online Resources” by Crystal and Jason Melendez.

This complete guide covers every stage of wedding preparation, including both traditional and internet-based resources. Every bride and groom will save time and money on everything from setting up an address book for guests that builds and updates itself; creating online gift registries; finding incredible wholesale discounts and bargains; receiving RSVP responses that automatically update guest lists in real time; creating a smart, flexible budget that compensates and automatically adjusts; and securing  fool proof contracts. Engaged couples will learn how to make a wealth of convenient resources work for them—saving them thousands of dollars and hours of needless hassle—so that they can efficiently and economically pull off their big day without a hitch.

 In her book, ”Nell Hill’s Stylish Weddings,” Mary Carol Garrity shares her trademark advice on planning stylish, affordable, and memorable weddings.  The accompanying selection of pictures helps instill the ideas in your mind. She delivers practical yet elegant tips on creating lavish weddings without spending huge amounts of time, money or energy.

Garrity is the dynamic proprietor of the Nell Hill’s stores in Atchison and Kansas City.  Her store started out as a gourmet food shop that evolved into a specialty home décor shop named after her grandmother.

Garrity offers shower, wedding, and gift ideas and encourages readers to spend wisely and create memorable experiences with maximum impact.  She takes readers step-by-step through the planning of her daughter’s summer wedding and its implementation at her home in Atchison. Readers also learn tips from weddings that Garrity has attended and helped plan, including inventive ways to involve friends and family and creative touches that combine old family traditions with newfound keepsakes.

With all of these great ideas, tips, and checklists you can plan and host the wedding of your dreams.  Visit us here in the Wedding Neighborhood at the library to pick up one of these books or find another one to assist you in your bridal adventures.