Pick a spot, any spot . . .or not

aspen mountain weddingOnce you are engaged and know what time of year you would like to be married, start searching for the perfect spot to say your “I dos.”Each city has a wide variety of venues to consider for your wedding day. Here are some other things to think about as you make your plans.


1. Indoor or outdoor wedding — Gage Park, Lake Shawnee and area churches are popular places to hold weddings. These can all be beautiful spots with several pros and cons to consider. Outdoor sites provide you with lots of free decorating ideas with trees, flowers, water, moonlight and other structures. But the weather might be a big “con” if there is a lot of rain, snow, hot temps or wind. Tents or sChurch wedding imagehelter houses may be needed for your guests. Churches will provide shelter from the elements but more decorating will probably be required. Often a church will have a fellowship hall for the reception/party after the wedding. Does the church allow alcohol, dancing or whatever else you are wanting at your reception?


2. Formal or informal setting — An elaborate venue or the backyard of a home create very different feelings for your special day. The desires of the bride and groom, decorations and clothing of the wedding party should lay the foundation for the ambiance of the day. A place that will seat 20 guests can offer the feeling of intimacy and coziness while a location that seats 500 may give a more grandiose feeling. What are you striving for with the setting?  How do you want guests to feel as they celebrate with you?


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3. Time of year — You can become a bride in the popular month of June or any other time of the year. If you are looking at a date around the holidays, try to be flexible because those can be very popular times and the prices may be higher then also. Sometimes a Friday or Sunday event will have more availability and may even save you money. Venues which are already decorated for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or other holidays may provide the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and reception as well as your pictures.


4. Budget – While you want the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, reality must cause you to consider your budget. If the site you choose costs more than you really wanted to spend, is there another part of your budget that could use less money and still provide the experience you desire? Talk with your groom and families to see if there are any ideas or “connections” they might have to secure a desirable location.


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This is your big day and you want it to be special, just like you’ve always dreamed. So, plan and make your decisions, then try not to worry about all the small stuff.  When you walk down the aisle at whatever location you choose, all eyes will be on the beautiful, happy bride – so smile and enjoy!