New Bridal Books to Usher You Down the Aisle

“How to Have the Wedding You Want (Not the One Everybody Else Wants You to Have)” by Christine EganHow to have the wedding you want

The author’s intro asks:

“What if . . .

I don’t want to invite my cousin’s three kids?

I do want to invite my father’s second wife?

Some of the guests are vegetarians?

I’m a vegetarian?

My in-laws are threatening to boycott the wedding?

My mother keeps calling me at work to discuss centerpieces?

The best man loves dirty jokes and I’m terrified of letting him give a toast?

I really need to talk about my doubts and fears, but everyone looks crushed if I even hint that I’m not the perfect, happy bride?

One of the bridesmaids is making life difficult for everyone?

I’m on the verge of tears?”

Some of these comments might even sound like they came from your mouth!

Let Christine Egan’s book direct you through “The Politics of Planning” your wedding, the “Nuts and Bolts” of organizing your wedding and, at the end, “How to Have Fun.” The author’s ideas are practical, economical and sometimes even downright funny! (And who doesn’t need a laugh when they are planning a wedding?!)

Another new book in our Wedding Neighborhood is the coffee table book “The Wedding Dress” by Oleg Cassini. Oleg the wedding dress book 2Cassini was an American fashion designer born to an aristocratic Russian family who came to the United States as a young man after starting as a designer in Rome. He quickly was hired by Paramount Pictures and established his reputation by designing for films. He gained additional renown by designing for First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. He is still known as the “King of Bridal.”

His book draws you in with its beautiful bridal gowns on brides in scenic settings. “Secretly in her heart she yearns for romance,” stated Oleg Cassini.  His clothing designs on Hollywood celebrities and his classic bridal gowns attest to his statement. The photos carry you away to another time and another place in every style imaginable.

“To be well dressed is a little like being in love.”

“I believe in sumptuous fabrics and simples lines, what I like to call timeless elegance.”

“Style is a matter of taste. Having the freedom and confidence to express one’s self while maintaining the discipline of excellence is true style.”

“It’s all about the dress.”  Yes, yes it is!