It's Time to Party!

DJMany couples choose a DJ to play some tunes for background music and dancing.  Whether you choose a professional or a friend, think about what you want to accomplish with your entertainment.

This is your first party as a couple, so here’s your chance to show your style! The entertainer you choose for your reception should have plenty of knowledge about what works for the type of reception you have planned.  There should be an organized plan and a logical flow to the sequence of events you want to occur.

What kind of background and experience does your entertainer have in wedding events? Do they have references you can talk to about their experiences?  Do they always play in indoor venues while you have reserved an open shelter house out of doors? Do they only play hard rock music and you will have a crowd of folks who want to only slow dance?  Do you get to help choose the music or will the DJ play their favorite songs?  Do they listen to what you want or do they have their own agenda?

As you interview the entertainers you are considering for your wedding reception, make sure they are tracking with you on events you want to happen and the time frame they will Dancing Groom dipping brideoccur.  Special dances, toasts, announcements, videos or any other special moments should be thoroughly discussed so nothing important is missed.  (You will be too busy at that time to keep everything on course!) Obviously you will need to have a contract with the amount to be paid to the entertainer.  Do you pay half of the money before the event and the remainder that night or is it all due up front?  If the person you are interviewing is not the specific person who will be the reception’s DJ that night, will you have a chance to meet the entertainer before the wedding?

If you choose a friend DJ at your reception, do they have their own sound system that will adequately fill the venue with quality sound?  Do they have all of the music you want for the event?  Have they ever done this before?  Will they follow your ideas and lend a fun and professional air with their comments?

Wedding Day Dancing DVDThis is another piece of the wedding that requires some advanced planning, but in the end it will provide the perfect atmosphere to celebrate your marriage.  A fun CD to help plan those crowd favorites at your reception is Party Music for Your Wedding. And if you need some help with the dancing for your wedding, we even have a Wedding Day Dancing DVD. Come check us out!