The Fast Five: Five Things to DIY for Your Wedding

Fast Five

Need to trim the budget a bit?  Want a wedding that screams YOU?  Here are five things that you can easily do yourself without too much stress or added frustration.  So get your bridesmaids together and start crafting!

1. Corsages

Whether you use artificial or real flowers or a unique combination of items, making your own corsages is a great way to save some money on your wedding. Plus, you can really make the corsages unique to your wedding and personalized to the person wearing the corsage.

2. Wedding veil

Customize it to match your day! Creating your own wedding veil requires very little sewing expertise and can reflect your sense of style.

3. Table Decorations

The internet (Hello, Pinterest) is full of great, inexpensive and fun table decorations to match any theme and fit any budget. Get together with your family or your bridesmaids and have a crafting extravaganza!

4. Favors

Again, the internet is filled with ideas for wedding favors that you can make yourself without breaking the budget. Get creative!! Make the favors reflect you and your groom.

5. Invitations

Gone are the days of perfect prose and embossed invitations, now you can invite guests in a number of ways of a fraction of the cost.