Design Your Wedding Cake Here!

Whether you have a traditional white cake with white icing, a chocolate lover’s delight of multiple layers of gooiness, or “mini cakes” in the form of cupcakes stacked to the ceiling, your reception is sure to be a hit with a delicious treat for your guests.

The choices are obviously nearly limitless, so check out some of these great books to assist you in your search for the perfect cake.

Chic and Unique Wedding Cakes by Zoe Clark features 30 modern designs for romantic celebrations.  After working with some of the most prestigious bakers in London, Clark set up her own business called The Cake Parlour.  She was awarded Perfect Wedding’s “Best Wedding Cake Designer 2010” award. She designs wedding cakes and confections around a variety of wedding themes.  Clark’s book is divided into ten chapters that showcase a cake along with two complementary designs, including cookies, cupcakes and fondant fancies.  For each cake, she shows where her inspiration has come from in hopes of inspiring brides to create their own designs and creations.  If you’ve ever wondered how some of those decorations are made, the photos in this book will make it very clear for you.  It’s all gorgeous and helps you understand why the cost of the cake is what it is!

 A new trend at wedding receptions is the tower of cupcakes. These are the perfect size for your guests and can easily be made and decorated by a creative cook. There are some wonderful ideas in the book Wedding Cupcakes by Joanna Farrow. From frosted flowers to crystallized fruit, the variety and choices are almost endless!  Basic vanilla and chocolate recipes are provided in the book along with a rich fruit recipe.  Fresh fruit in a cupcake that is then covered with fondant (heavy icing used to decorate or sculpt pastries), can be made and decorated up to two weeks in advance and kept in a cool place.  Flavor variations include lemon, rose, and almond. Liqueurs may also be added for flavor and in this book range from orange and sherry to brandy and hazelnut. Cupcakes can be displayed in tiers as a centerpiece on a main table or on individual plates for each guest. What a beautiful statement these little delicacies can make!

 If you just can’t wait to start on ideas for your own wedding cake, here’s a fun website to help you create the perfect confection:  This site will allow you to play with decorations and accents and colors, as well as wedding cake shapes. Then you can print out your cake design and share it with your cake baker/caterer. Just don’t forget to tell them what flavor you would like in each layer!

So, it sounds like it’s time for cake.  Take a stroll down the aisle to our Wedding Neighborhood in the west wing of the library and find the cake that’s calling your name!  Bon appetite!