10+ Fun Facts from the Wedding Neighborhood Magazines

What you can learn from wedding magazines at your library:Magazine-real_simple_weddings

  1. There are more beautiful wedding dresses in the world than you could probably ever try on in a lifetime!
  2. Picking out a ring will be almost as difficult as picking out a dress!
  3. Approximately 2,000 couples get engaged every year at Disney World.
  4. The Sleek Bun and the Braided Updo are easy hairstyles when you have step-by-step instructions and detailed pictures.
  5. Financial advisers recommend insuring your rings through a renter’s/homeowner’s policy or a stand-alone policy.
  6. About 45% of couples plan to put 30% of their savings toward their wedding.
  7. For most invitations, a 45 cent stamp won’t cut it. Weigh a completed invite at your post office so you can put on correct postage. That way they won’t return to YOUR mailbox undeliverable!
  8. 23% of brides will use false eyelashes on their wedding day.
  9. On a wedding gown, halter straps narrow broad shoulders and “barely there” straps complement a narrow body shape.
  10. A rubber stamp of your monogram can add a special and beautiful touch to invitations, programs, favors and anything else you want to make.Magazine-the knot
  11. Flower budget tip: Flowers at the peak of their season are going to be the most beautiful and often the most cost-effective.
  12. Need a new scent for your special day? Perfume samples are included in several bridal magazines.
  13. Advice from former brides: Start the honeymoon two days later to allow quiet time to unwind with family and guests and get some rest.
  14. ANY color is possible for a wedding . . . and we have pictures to prove it!
  15. Wedding magazines are so fun to look at but they can be expensive to buy every month.  No worries! Check them out for free at your library.

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