Weird and Wacky Festivals

April-May 2012

From comic books shows to chili cook-offs, fun fairs and festivals are held all across America.  Whatever your interest, I’m sure someone, somewhere is celebrating it.

Fiesta San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, April 19-29

For over 100 years, San Antonio residents gather for an 11 day party.  This multicultural event features fun, food and music spread all around the city.  The highlight is the massive Battle of the Flowers Parade on April 27.  Many events require tickets, so advance planning is a must.

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RoboGames 2012, San Mateo, CA, April 20-22

Robots, Androids, and Automotons of all kinds compete in a variety of events in this “Olympics for Robots”.  Builders from all over the world test their creations in a variety of catagories, including: Lego, Combat, and Obstacle Run.  Which ones have the “real steel”?

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New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA, April 27-May 7

Travel down to the Big Easy for a week of music and food.  Since 1970, Jazz Fest (as it’s commonly called) has featured music of all types: from rock to blues to country, and everything in between.  And then, of course, the food:  over 70 food vendors feature both mainstream and eclectic fare.

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