Hit the Road and Put the Recreational in RV

RV travel is becoming more popular with people who want to get away to relax and recharge, families who want more flexibility in their vacations and anyone who wants to get out and see and experience the world. Here’s a few reasons why.

1.  It’s fun and affordable. Who doesn’t like the thought of a road trip…leaving it all behind, going where the spirit takes you and not having to worry about finding a place to stay? There are motor homes (not to be confused with mobile homes) for every budget and style, ones you can tow or ones you can drive. Prices can range from $6,000 to $250,000 depending on how many people you need to sleep and how luxurious you want to be. You can choose an economical pop-up trailer and cook over a campfire or a state-of-the-art, true home away from home and cook in a gourmet kitchen. You can also rent, a good idea if you want to try before you buy. According to www.gorving.com, a family can save up to 59% and a couple up to 47% on expenses, depending on the RV they own.

2.  It’s hassle-free travel. There’s no schedule to keep to, no planes, trains, or buses to miss and no taking your shoes and belt off in the airport or having your hand lotion confiscated.  You don’t have to keep packing and unpacking and there’s never any question as to who slept in the bed before you or how clean the bathroom really is.  You can stop and see “The World’s Largest Ball of String” if you want or spend some time at the interesting fort you saw a sign for, one of my mother’s fondest pursuits.

3.  You can relax in nature. What better place to experience nature than in our National Parks and all of them are open to camping. You can have firsthand access to spectacular scenery and unspoiled wilderness. You can swim, hike, boat, birdwatch, nap in a hammock or whatever activity you like to do to revel in the outdoors. You can spend time just being with the family in an unhurried, healthful atmosphere. And to make sure the environment stays unspoiled, RV travel can be “green” when you use low-water toilets, take quick showers, put all waste water in the holding tank and properly dispose of it at a dump station, don’t tie anything to trees or bushes and recycle what you can.

4.  You can travel with your pet. If you’re a pet owner, you know the hassle of arranging for animal care while you’re gone, the expense of boarding, and the stress it puts on your pets when you leave them. With RV travel you can bring them along. Be sure to send us your pictures for our Travel and Pets blogs.

5.  You can pretend you’re a recording star or pro golfer. Ok, so I just made that up. But many celebrities such as Loretta Lynn, Michael Douglas and Matthew McConaughey are RV owners that use their vehicles for business and pleasure.

Your library has books to give you information and help you plan your RV trip. Check these out:

Try these DVDs to help put you in the mood:

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  1. that was very interesting now we have to buy an r.v. to fit us all you can drive and we can go to all of theseb places but,ithink that mom and I and the kids could camp in the parking lot at Disneyland or disnyworld and be pretty happy the smell of nice hot asfault is calling us.lol papa

  2. Yes, I can remember me and my two children sleeping in the minivan at the Kentucky Horse Park in Louisville. However, now I’m not sure my back could take it!

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