Traveling with the Whole Family

Family vacations are nothing new but the travel industry says multigenerational travel is on the rise. These extended family jaunts can include everyone from grandparents to babies. Many working parents have limited vacation time and resources, and sometimes have to choose between vacationing and visiting family. This is a great way to get the whole family together and have some fun.

What makes a successful multigenerational vacation? You need to have flexible schedules and activities for all ages, together and apart. Cruises are a popular choice for families getting together for milestone occasions like weddings or family reunions. There’s enough activities to keep anyone from getting bored and there’s enough space for whatever degree of togetherness you want to have.

Another good choice for a multigenerational trip is to a big city with lots of attractions. You can pick centrally located lodging that allows easy access to the things people want to go to, like zoos, museums, shopping or amusement parks. Your library offers travel bags built around places like Chicago, New York City, Boston and Kansas City.

Carrie Calzaretta has some tips for planning a multigenerational trip gleaned from her own experiences:

  • Get everyone involved – each person needs to contribute one thing they want to do
  • Take a break; schedule some time alone –  even the closest family can get on each others’ nerves
  • Be clear on finances – consider everyone’s budget, be sure to discuss who’s paying for what
  • Don’t overtax the grandparents – they may not always want to babysit while you go out
  • Capture every moment – take lots of pictures, the memories will be priceless

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Donna Casey

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