Bemused by the Beach

Ghosties Beach, AustraliaThoughts of the beach send me daydreaming, memories of when I was young, digging in the sand, the water running up over my toes. When I got a little older, the important things were wearing the right bathing suit, getting a tan, slathering myself with Hawaiian Tropic and smelling of coconut. Now, being near the water or just hearing it soothes me….. I also like those fruity cocktails with the little paper umbrellas

List of 10 Unique Beachs

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Whatever your age, there is plenty to do at the beach. If you’re the active type, there’s surfing, para-sailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking or playing volleyball. If you’d rather not expend that much energy you can sunbathe, beachcomb, people-watch, wade, build sandcastles, read or just plain be lazy. You can stay at a fancy beach resort or rent a cottage by the water and stay for a month.

Snorkeling in SaipanOne of the things I love about the beach is being outdoors. You’re immersed in the sun and the wind and the water. Everywhere there’s evidence of the power of the ocean from the smooth, worn stones on the beach to the caves carved out of solid rock. I remember summers spent by the water when all we ever wore were swimsuits and if we had to put shoes on, it was flip-flops. I guess that’s why I associate the beach with peace and freedom.

Here are some resources to plan your perfect beach vacation:


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  1. Two of my favorite beaches are Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park beach along the Big Sur coastline, and Bowman’s beach on Sanibel Island where I’ve spent hours walking and studying seashells. These beaches are in very different landscapes, but they’re the ones I immediately thought of after reading your post. Some of the most memorable vacation getaways are often those places near water–an ocean beach, a lakeshore, a trail along a creek, or the rocky shore of a secluded mountain lake. Thanks, Donna, for the peaceful thoughts and memories.

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