Summer Reading Tip #1: Sign Up!

Have you signed your kids up for summer reading yet?

Have YOU signed up for summer reading yet?

Well. . . what are you waiting for?

Read, Explore, Do Stuff

Why do we want you to read this summer?  Because reading is awesome, that’s why!  Need another reason?  Read on.

You’ve heard it all before- kids who read over the summer have an easier time keeping up with their class when they go back to school in the fall.  Reading helps you build vocabulary.  Reading makes you smarter.  But did you know that reading can also help your kids stop whining about being bored, build empathy for others, and want to make the world a better place?Robot carrying stack of books

All of these are great reasons to keep your kids reading this summer.  Did you sign up yet?

(Pro tip:  Sign yourself up first for the adult program then add your kids as members on your account.  That way you only have to remember one username and password.)


Still need more reasons?

Here’s one:  three awesome readers this summer are going to win a Kindle Fire HD.

And kids and teens get a prize for every two hours they read.

And adults can score a Billy Vanilly CUPCAKE just for reading (the books you read to your kids count, too).

We’re helping make it easy to keep your kids reading this summer.  Come by for Stories & Crafts (ages 3-6) and Readapalooza (ages 6-12) every Tuesday & Thursday at 10 am this summer, and we’ll read awesome books to your kids for half an hour, then do another fun activity.  (This time counts for prizes!) If weekends are more your style, there’s a program every Saturday at 10 am, and the R.E.A.D. dogs are visiting the library every Sunday in June and July at 2 pm!

Boy reading book with robot in background

Are your kids spending the summer at a day camp?

If they’re not already doing the summer reading program at camp, give the camp director our number (580-4565), and we’ll hook them up with everything they need to keep their campers reading all summer long.  (Same thing goes for daycare centers.)  Home daycare providers can also sign their kids up for summer reading through our website for 15 or fewer kids.  (More than 15 kids?  Give us a call.)

We also have a special program for babies 18 months and younger.

Check back here every Monday for another easy way to get your kids reading this summer!

Natalie Moreland

Natalie works in the Kids Library and has a background in teaching. She delights in spreading bookjoy to people of all ages. She also takes interest in cycling, creating art, social justice, raising small livestock, and making music.