A love song for libraries

library time band

I’ve had a love song stuck in my head all week. But it’s not a typical love song – the object of affection here is your very own library. The Topeka Library’s in-house lit-pop band, The Literaries, have created the catchy original song, Library Time, for kids who love to cruise the stacks, learn some facts and dance in celebration of all that libraries have to offer.

The song is available on Soundcloud, has its own page on our site and is available for purchase on iTunes for 99 cents.

Parents, get your cheese-proof armor on before viewing the music video! The camp is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Since these are my co-workers singing and dancing, it’s beyond awesome. I have the insider’s info that these are librarians and library leaders who genuinely feel a passion for libraries, especially ours, and the kids who love to visit to learn, play and discover reading. Sit back and enjoy as you watch them frolic around the Kids Library, brandishing instruments:

The song is performed by youth services librarians Kyler Carpenter (guitar) and Jean Marshall (bass), digital services director David Lee King (percussion) and the library’s chief operating officer Rob Banks (keyboard). Backup singers are Natalie Moreland, Michelle Morris and Michael Perkins.

Once you share this catchy ditty with your kids, be careful. You’ll wind up like me and have the song firmly lodged in your head. Your head that – seemingly possessed! – can’t stop bobbing to the beat.

Nothing’s as sweet as reading to the beat. It’s Library Time!

Leah is a former employee and wrote many stories and articles for the library.