Fun Family Pranks

Growing up in a family of six kids, pranks and other mischievous undertakings were relatively common. I remember shutting off the shower only to be doused with cold water coming from a large cup over the shower curtain rod from an unseen sibling who could only be identified by devious runaway laughter. 

Then there was the time one brother showed a younger one how to make small pebbles disappear. From the audience perspective it looked like he was putting them up his nose, but really they were in his hand the whole time.  The younger brother wanted to learn the trick and in practicing ran into a problem. Thank goodness for neighbors who were nurses with long tweezers. While we occasionally got carried away, most of the time it was plain, good fun. 

Here are some ideas for your family that don’t require going to the store. 

  • Put a surprise in the mailbox. Then ask you child to get the mail. Any stuffed animal will do for young kids, but I recommend plastic snakes or lizards for older ones. 
  • Unscrew the cap to a faucet. Place a dye pellet from an Easter egg kit on it and then screw the cap back on. 
  • Switch the bags inside two different types of cold cereal. 
  • Stuff a little paper into the toe of any family member’s shoes. 
  • Make supper for breakfast and breakfast for supper. 

Watch your back!  If you initiate pranks, the rest of your household is bound to get creative.   

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Youth services supervisor LeAnn Brungardt takes play very seriously and has the joy of working alongside a crew that does the same. Together they support curiosity, creativity, tenacity and literacy in children, teens and families. She is probably the only member of management who has crayons in her office desk. Green is her favorite.