Find Books that Connect Kids With the Wide, Wonderful World

Kids love a great story. From a grown-up perspective, one of the best things about reading is that you can meet people from all over the world! Books help kids see landscapes, creatures and people they might not encounter in their everyday life, which helps them become more connected with the wide, wonderful world. Here are a few of my recent favorite picture books from around the world.

B is for Baby book cover featuring a baby with Bantu knots wearing a blue tank top and green shorts B is for Baby by Nigerian-born storyteller Atinuke, features the sights and sounds of Nigeria with exciting illustrations and some practice with basic phonics. After you read about bananas, bicycles and baby, ask your child what else can they find in the pictures that begins with the letter B.

Ho'onani: Hula Warrior book cover. Features a fierce Hawaiian child wearing a kapa pareau and two leis.Ho’onani: Hula Warrior by Heather Gale is the empowering story of a young hula dancer finding her way as a leader as she grows to understand their own identity. Based on a true story. Adults may also be interested in watching the documentary Kumu Hina on Hoopla to learn more about hula, mahu and Hawaiian language and culture.

We are water Protectors book cover. Features a Sioux girl in purple and read, holding a feather. She is surrouned by water and the crescent moon is behind her. Anishinabe/Metis author Carole Lindstrom tells the story of water protectors at Standing Rock in We Are Water Protectors. The rhythm of the words is powerful and the Tlingit illustrator Michaela Goode’s paintings are absolutely captivating. It may look like a children’s book but I recommend it to everyone regardless of age.

Día Events April 26 – 30, 2021

The week of April 26, 2021, is full of Día fun! Watch a fabulous bilingual storytime with Kyler & Judy reading Pete the Cat / Pete el Gato by Eric Litwin. Enjoy an amazing magic show when you watch the Arty Loon Show this week only on YouTube. Pick up a Fun & Games Kit, explore the murals of Topeka, watch a Kendama demo on April 28 and sign up to be part of our Virtual Show & Tell Fri, April 30!

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Natalie is a Kids Librarian with a background in teaching. She delights in spreading bookjoy to people of all ages. She also takes interest in cycling, creating art, social justice, raising small livestock, and making music.