The Big Read’s little brother

So, while parents and teens are reading True Grit in February as a part of The Big Read, kids can get it on some gritty reading too.


In 2014, we asked kids to vote for the children’s companion book to True Grit and they voted overwhelmingly for Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger!

It takes a lot of grit to go against your best friend, but that’s exactly what Lenny Flem, Jr., is forced to do when his best buddy, Casper Bengue, is possessed by an evil fake mustache.

Tom Angleberger (NOT Anglebooger!) has written a hilariously outlandish series of events, involving two best friends, one teenage rodeo queen and an Ultra-Sticky-Stretchy-Grabber Hand. Along the way they encounter:

  • An angry looking cashier named Sven
  • Brainwashed clowns
  • Evil lumberjacks
  • Menacing karate guys
  • A slowly churning vat of green, snot-like goo
  • 20 pounds of confetti

Will Lenny save his best friend – and the rest of the world – from disaster?  Can our hero and heroine overcome the evil cookie duster or will the Heidelberg Handlebar Number Seven, paired with a first-class man-about-town suit, prove the undoing of the US Presidential Election and the defeat of freedom and justice everywhere?

Read Fake Mustache, by Tom Angleberger, to get the thrilling conclusion.

Join us in February for a whole line-up of fun and entertaining programs built around the book:

Marlana Hodgkinson

Marlana is a youth services specialist who has worked in the Kids Library for the last 7 years. She works with kids of all ages, from Toddler Time 2, to the mid-grade program Gathering STEAM, to Teen Writers Group. She enjoys hiking and biking, playing board games with her family, and the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a great book.