Adventuremobile-Come See Our Cute Chicks!

Baby Chicks

Come and visit the Adventuremobile the week of June 23-27 to see some baby chicks. Jerold Binkley, known as host of the fondly remembered Tulip Time on the Binkley homestead and  prime mover of the Topeka Beautification Project at the Lake Shawnee Ensley Gardens, has kindly donated these little critters to the animal menagerie which accompanies the AdventureMobile each summer. Thanks Jerold!

Baby chicks are fun to watch.  They seem to grow by the minute.  Tail and wing feathers sprout.  Watch them scratch and swallow with their beaks to the sky.  They may flutter atop the water jar or dart after an insect.  As their personalities emerge, it is fun to see which one rules the roost and how they relate to each other.  Listen to hear the sweet peeps.  What color will they be?  Will they have feathers on their feet?  Check out a chicken storybook.  If you have chickens at home, then we want to hear you tell a story.

Don’t forget to get your Critter Card stamped, log your summer reading time with us and pick up any summer reading prizes you may have earned. Check out the schedule to find an Adventuremobile stop near you.

Kelli Smith is a bookmobile librarian who helps bring the library to you. She also works with partners to coordinate community movie events including Movie on the Lawn and Silents in the Cathedral.