What it means to be book-obsessed

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Andrea Hillebert and Rob Peters, heavy users of OverDrive and Hoopla

In the February-March edition of Library News, we recruited some of our heaviest Hoopla and OverDrive users to reveal what it’s like to be obsessed. Unlike other, unhealthy obsessions, to be afflicted with book obsession is actually a desirable condition. Check this out:

So, in Library News this time around we’re talking to Andrea, Rob and Russ, three of the digital-book-obsessed who live among us, going about their seemingly normal lives. However, those lives are chock-full of digital books. That’s one of the many benefits of consuming your reading from our digital library – your books weigh very little and take up virtually no space whatsoever. So no one can really tell how very book-obsessed you are.

Russ Cobb

Russ Cobb downloads a ton of audiobooks to listen to while he’s traveling for business.

Here are some more stories you’ll find in this issue:

Go ahead, read it in its handy digital version below. See, we knew you would be a convert to digital reading, you’re already on your way!

Leah Sewell

Leah is a former employee and wrote many stories and articles for the library.