Valentine Candy

A very unique program was going on in the Edge on Valentine’s Day. After school, teens were invited to make their own special Valentine Candy to eat themselves or give to someone special.

One table featured Buckeye Balls, which are similar to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The recipe suggested using plastic gloves to mix the peanut butter, margarine, vanilla and powdered sugar. As you can see by these teens, using disposable gloves didn’t work very well. Plan B was to use a mixing spoon which was less messy and got the job done.





The teens had the opportunity to wrap their candy in red cellophane, tie it with a red ribbon and put a message on a red heart card. The candy then could be given to someone special. However, much of the candy was eaten as soon as possible. 





The teens also made No Bake Candy which used the microwave to melt chocolate and butterscotch chips. Peanuts and chinese noodles were then added.