Prepare Yourself for the Polls

“I want to do the right thing and vote…but I have no idea who and what is going to be on ballot, what these people stand for, or even how I go about registering.  I wish there was one place I could go and get ALL the information I need”…Thoughts of a frustrated, want-to-be voter.

End the frustration and vote with confidence this November 6 by using  Vote 411…a new tool created by the League of Women Voters. Use it to register to vote or to verify that you are already registered. (Message from League of Women Voters en Español .pdf)

Important deadlines:
Wednesday, October 17, First day of advance voting
Friday, November 2, Last day to apply for an advance ballot that will be mailed from the Election Office
Monday, November 5 by NOON, Last day to vote in the election office
Tuesday, November 6, Election Day! Time to vote in the General Election.

Remember to take your photo ID with you when you vote. (Download How To Get Your Photo ID .pdf)

Using Vote 411, you can input your address to view what is actually going to be on your ballot before you cast your vote. The ballot includes the Federal, State, and County races. Even the candidates for Sheriff, Treasurer, and the County Commission are listed.

The really cool thing is that it includes information about the candidate’s positions. They asked the candidates questions like “please identify your top three goals if elected” and you can view their answers (for those that chose to respond). You can choose two candidates for each position and view their responses side by side. After you build your ballot, you can print it or e-mail it to yourself. You could even take it with you when you go to the polls!

So visit Vote 411; register to vote (if you haven’t already) plug in your address, look at your ballot, read what the candidates have to say, and make your choices–it’s that easy.


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