New Bookmobile Locations Begin October 1

Beginning October 1 bookmobiles will add three new stops to their community schedule.

  • Mondays 9:30am–11:30am: Bookmobile will be in the Pine Ridge community, adjacent to the Parents As Teachers center (1100 SE Highland Avenue). (Don’t be confused by the wrapper on the Bookmobile. It may say AdventureMobile, but it’s for everyone.)
  • Mondays 1:00pm–3:15pm: Bookmobile will be located in the Hi Crest neighborhood at the Avondale East building (455 SE Golf Park Blvd.).
  • Fridays 9:30am–1:00pm: A Bookmobile will be at the Dillon’s store located at the intersection of Rochester and Highway 24 (800 NW 25th St.).
    This stop will replace the current Friday morning stop at the Shawnee County North Community Center. We hope that with a more centralized location a greater number of families in North Topeka will be able to take advantage of all the services the bookmobiles provide.

If you live in these neighborhoods be sure to stop by and check out books, DVDs, magazines and music with your library card – or get a card if you don’t already have one! And if you don’t live in those neighborhoods, check the schedule out at We stop at 20 different locations, so there’s bound to be one near your home, work or school.

Did you know? You can request books and other items to be delivered to a Bookmobile near you. Go to

Learn more about what awaits you on the Bookmobiles by visiting

Michelle Stottlemire

Michelle is a fifth-generation Kansan who has a passion for history, radical home-making and science fiction. When not on one of TSCPL's bookmobiles she can be found educating students at surrounding schools with dynamic programming.