Kids get a new set of wheels

children and parents see a preview of learn and play bus

In the Kids Library, Daniel, Christina, Heidi, Kristina, Jennifer, Solomon, Graham and Gabriella get a preview of the new bus.

The newest issue of Library News is here! In October and November, the library has a lot going on. You just can’t slow down the 2016 Library of the Year.

In an effort to achieve our Community Impact Goal, “Every child will be ready for kindergarten,” we’ve been implementing some new services especially for children under age 5. Read about the Learn & Play bus, coming in November. It’s storytime, playtime and learning time all rolled into one, and kids can climb aboard right in their neighborhoods.

Also in this issue, find out why books belong at the bar and get an update on our Dolly Parton Imagination Library fundraising efforts. Plus, gobs of other great news. When your library is Library of the Year, things just keep looking up.

Leah is a former employee and wrote many stories and articles for the library.