Coming Soon: A New Way to Pick Up Your Stuff

Library customers will soon have a new way to pick up requested titles that may make using the library more convenient. Reserve pickup lockers are coming to two community centers, allowing customers to pick up, check out and return items in their neighborhoods.

These lockers are set up so customers can swipe their library card and a locker door opens. Your books, movies, music and games are automatically checked out to you when you pick them up.

Come to the library to see what one looks and acts like. We have a SmartLocker installed in our rotunda (on temporary loan) for testing on a limited basis.

Customers eventually will be able to choose the locker in their community as a pick-up location when requesting materials in These lockers allow us to reach people in neighborhoods beyond those already served by our Bookmobiles. Your use of these lockers helps determine the success of the project and where more lockers may be needed.

Email feedback to Thad Hartman, Community Services Manager, or call him at 580-4511.

Below watch a video by bibliotheca about its product, SmartLockers.

Lisa is a former employee and shared the library story in many of her posts.

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