Zoo Animals Live



Dennis, from the Topeka Zoo, brought a variety of snakes and reptiles to the August Zoo Animals Live.

The Blue Tongue Skink is one of 300 reptiles that live in Australia. They do have a blue tongue that they use to discourage predators. Also, from Australia, Dennis brought a Bearded Dragon. They have adapted well to captivity so many people have them as pets. When the Bearded Dragon is frightened by a predator they will drop off part of their tail which flip flops making the predator think this is his prey. Meanwhile, the reptile has escaped.

American Alligator

This American Alligator is only a baby but still has very sharp teeth. Notice that Dennis is holding the alligator behind his head so he doesn’t get bitten. Sometimes people buy them as pets and then when they become very large and not so cute they turn them loose.They can grow to 20′ and weigh up to 500 lbs. Alligators will not survive a winter in Kansas.

Columbian Red Tail Boa



 The Columbia Red Tail Boa Constrictor is native to South America. The snake that Dennis is holding is very well fed and used to being handled. He is non-poisonous and kills his prey by constricting. This boa lives most of his life in the trees.



California King Snake

The California King Snake is a valuable snake to have around. He likes to eat poisonous snakes. However, this particular snake isn’t native to Kansas so he wouldn’t survive the winter.
The only poisonous snakes we have in Kansas are the Rattlesnakes, Copperheads & the Water Moccasins. Water Moccasins are only found in NE Kansas, Cherokee County.
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    thats so cool i wish i was there