A True Dog Hero Takes to the Skies

Dog Who Could FlyThe Czech airman knew what dreadful thing must be done: the tiny, orphaned German shepherd puppy howling in the abandoned farmhouse had to be killed lest the enemy German forces discover his position. Knife ready, Robert Bozdech crept up to the puppy but then faltered, this little guy had an endearing pugnacious spirit that Robert admired; instead of killing the puppy Robert tucked him into his flight jacket and they both escaped from the Germans. This was the beginning of a truly remarkable friendship told in The Dog Who Could Fly by Damien Lewis.

Together Robert and Antis, as he named the puppy, shared many adventures during World War II. With his uncanny ability to sense enemy warplanes, his skills at search and rescue, and his touching devotion to Robert, Antis was an integral member of the Czech squad that flew with the RAF. Antis even flew on bombing missions with Robert, complete with his own specially-fitted oxygen mask, and braved crash landings, shrapnel, and life-threatening wounds. A dog who was “loyal unto death”, this true story is a great choice for dog lovers and history buffs.

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