Think Tula Pink for Your Next Quilt

Here is a woman who loves designing. She not only comes up with imaginative quilting patterns, she has also designed ten different fabric collections in the past few years that are uniquely hers. Tula Pink admits “I am committed to rainbows. I cannot escape the persistent call to use every single color in the crayon box.” Her first book Quilts from The House of Tula Pink: 20 fabric projects to make, use & love is overflowing with inspiration and her love of design and color.

Her whimsical esthetic and style has come up with quilts like Cloudy Days (with huge raindrops), Beanstalks (a new take on Jack and his beanstalk), Dream Weaver (so you can use every color in your crayon box), and Any Which Way (so you know which way is up).

She includes 10 accompanying projects along with the 10 quilt designs and they are equally awesome; the One Eye Open Sleeping Mask and Cuckoo Clock are playful and fun projects.

Techniques and Design

Quilts from The House of Tula Pink includes some piecing tips specific to her projects and these new skills can inspire you to new heights in your own work. Try Tula’s Totally Tubular Tube Technique or her Scrappy Fusing Technique (with double-sided fusible web) on one of her quilts in the book or use it to bring to life one of your own designs.

Speaking of designs, Tula Pink had designed whole fabric collections and gives the readers a peek into the process which she says “is both structural and organic, based equally in math and intuition”. My advice is just keep looking at her unique fabrics and you will see some crazy things.

close-up of quilting

The detailed quilting by Angela Walters turns these fun quilts into an adventure complete with secret messages.

A quilt isn’t really complete until it’s been layered and stitched together with a back. That final step is actually called quilting (making the top is usually called piecing). Tula has found an amazing partner to help complete her quilt designs in Angela Walters. Long-arm quilting is a serious skill and modern quilts pose their own challenges, but Angela beautifully “writes the ending” to Tula’s quilts and she makes them even more amazing works of art.

Discover more amazing quilt designers in the quilting aisle of the upcoming Crafts Neighborhood.

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2 thoughts on “Think Tula Pink for Your Next Quilt

  1. I love the idea of a craft partner and two people working together on the art, each on their own speciality.

  2. Me too! Angela has a book out on what she does best which we unfortunately don’t own right now – Free-motion quilting with Angela Walters: choose & use quilting designs for modern quilts. What she does is really a step beyond the overall designs that a lot of long-arm quilters have perfected.

    And, I think, Tula Pink secretly lives in a farmhouse in rural Missouri. Yay for doing what you love from anywhere you want to live!!

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