Recipe contest

Do you know who the Beekman Boys are? They have a reality TV show on Discovery. The show is about their farm but the Beekman Boys have written a new cookbook. I have seen it and the recipes all look delicious. I would reall like to try several for the holidays. But what does that have to do with a recipe contest? Well, if you enter a winning recipe you will win an all expense-paid trip to meet the Beekman Boys in Sharon Springs NY. You will take a tour of the Farm and have dinner with Josh and Brent (the Beekman Boys).

Look in the Cooking Neighborhood display and you will find the entry forms. After filling one out with your winning recipe, put it in the basket that will be with the entry forms. One of the recipes will be chosen and then entered to win the grand prize. I wish I could enter as I would love to see the farm and eat that fabulous food.  All entries must be submitted to the library by October 28th. That isn’t much time. So, get out one of your favorite recipes, and you could win a great prize.

Kathy is a former employee and wrote some great posts including the series All Booked Up.