My Poor Cats—Thanks, Instagram.

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My three lovies think I’m a crazy cat lady with a camera

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I’ve had various smartphones since 2003 and, until recently, the thrill of photographing my daily minutiae had worn off. The thought of filling another SD card with a thousand more pictures seemed like more trouble that it was worth (I already have a box of them that I’m still “getting to”.) But, when I got an iPhone this year, everything changed.

In the time between smartphone upgrades (it had been four years), Instagram happened. So did PS ExpressOverPic Jointer, and a multitude of clean, fast, integrated social media tools.

The fire has been lit and now my cats (and animals for whom I pet-sit) hate me.

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Moose, Abby, and Willa

Eating and grooming is no longer just a life-sustaining task—it’s an artfully documented event! Sleeping is no longer restful because Willa looks better balanced on my feet in mid-air with the 1977 or Kelvin filters!

It is so fun to take pictures again. Instagram is my new archive, and unless it completely goes away (which it could) I will never have to download anything off a card ever again. It’s easy, it’s free, and because I know my pictures will be seen by people all over the internet, I’ve stepped up my game and challenged myself to post only interesting pictures. And as an owner of three cats with three distinct personalities and features, I am determined to stalk my lovies until I’ve taken The Best Pet Portrait Ever.

Do yourself a favor and sign up for Instagram. Taking pictures of your beloved menagerie has never been more fun, simple, and forgiving. The library has all sorts of photography books to help you. And when you get that perfect shot, you never have to wonder what box it’s in or what hard drive it’s on. It’s done!

Heather Kearns

I've been the Sabatini Gallery's associate curator since 2004 and social media coordinator since 2008. My passion is helping people “get“ art, and by that I mean creating an environment both in-house and online which fosters a greater understanding, confidence, and sense of enjoyment from the art experience. Art should be easy to access and available to everyone. I take helping people very seriously.