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Check out the upcoming Master Gardener library series and other resources we’ve got to help improve your garden or landscaping.

The Shawnee County Extension Master Gardeners is an organization of people who have a love of gardening and enjoy sharing horticultural information with the community. Their motto is “Improving our community through horticulture.” Besides the library series, they offer many programs and services such as demonstration gardens, a sick plant clinic, a response line, a plant sale, the Kansas Garden Show and youth scholarships.

Master Gardener library programs are held at least once a month in Marvin Auditorium. Here’s a preview of the Master Gardeners’ lush schedule for 2018.

Jan 18 – Indoor Plants For Health and Happiness by Ariel Whitely-Noll 
Learn how indoor plants can impact your work, sleep and overall health. Ariel is the new horticulture extension agent.

 Feb 22 – Recycling in the Garden by The Green Team
Learn how to recycle garden materials, old tools and supplies.

 March 1 – Trees by Brownie
When to plant, what to plant, how to plant, where to plant, and how to care for your new “family member” until it is established.

March 22 – Spring Lawn Care by Steve Paige
Lawn care is more than throwing seeds on dirt — it’s how to prepare your soil and the easy steps to take to have a luxurious, weed-free beautiful lawn.

 April 5 Grandpa’s Tomatoes by Terry Cobb
Learn what’s new, where to plant, how to select the best varieties and how to give the most care with the least effort.

April 19 – Curb Appeal by Kathy Wade
Dress your yard for success. Curb appeal is a beautiful science and easy to learn.

April 26 – Growing and Using Herbs by Carol Bragdon
Edibles and ornamentals. Outside, inside, unique, fun, beautiful, flavorful.

May 3 – Raised Bed Gardens by Terry Cobb
Find out the latest and best garden beds. Don’t work so hard – enjoy.

June 7 – Rain Barrels by Alice Brooks
Singing in the rain-then catching it. Rain barrels are back and great for your lawn and flower garden.

June 14 – Presidential Gardens by Carol Bragdon

July 12 – Becoming a Master Gardener by Bessie Tolbert
Learn about Extension, Master Gardeners and how to get involved.

Aug 16 – Mulching Mayhem by Becky Harwick
Improper mulching or lack of mulch can be fatal to plants a trees. Learn the do’s and don’ts.

Aug 30 – Fall Lawn Care by Steve Paige
Prepare your turf for a long rest or start new for a rewarding 2019 lawn.

Sept 6 – Composting by Bessie Tolbert
Don’t throw it out – turn it into your gardens’ gold! AKA “trash “to treasure.

Sept 13 – Mites that Bite by Jan Hutt
 Learn about our local creepy crawlies, and how to safely and effectively control them.

Oct 4 – Perennials & Evergreens by Kathy Wade
Planting everyone’s favorite plants you will love year after year.

Oct 18 – Permaculture for the Homeowner by Ariel Whitely-Noll
This view of permaculture is for the beginner and takes a look at how sustainability and science work together.

Nov 1 – Winter Interest: Landscape for the Holidays by Kathy Wade
Bring the great joy of the season to yourself and all who enter your home.

Your library’s Lawn and Garden Neighborhood has you covered with books and videos on fruit and vegetable gardening, flowering plants, greenery (e.g. ground cover, trees, shrubs), and special considerations (e.g. low maintenance, native plants, bird and butterfly gardens). You can also check out the gardening magazines Better Homes & Gardens and Fine Gardening. Here are some great books by other experts:

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