Discover Your Design Style

Discover Your Decorating Style

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For some people, the idea of decorating their home can be so overwhelming it brinks on the edge of nightmarish. What color scheme should be used? How should the furniture be arranged? What’s my decorating style? Should you mix patterns and textures or not? And what exactly does mixing textures mean anyway? Luckily, the Topeka & Shawnee Co. Public Library has all the right answers for you. Just go check out the wonderful resources in the Home Neighborhood to get some easy tips and ideas to find the perfect decorating style for you and your family.

For me, decorating a house can be as simple as painting a piece of furniture, adding a flower arrangement, or changing a few accessories and pillows. For others, decorating a room might be a more complicated process and require a complete remodel. Either way, the library has tons of books to inspire you and help you along the way. There are books that offer design ideas for kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplaces; others that offer tips on painting and choosing your color palette; and others that focus on traditional and modern decorating styles. Here’s just a small example of what you can find on the shelves:

The New TraditionalRomantic Style   The Happy Home Project    House Beautiful Style 101    The Right Color

Your next decorating project is hiding on the Library’s shelves. Go visit the Home Neighborhood now to find it. Don’t forget to follow the Topeka & Shawnee Co. Public Library on Pintrest as well for more decorating ideas.

Kelli Smith is a bookmobile librarian who helps bring the library to you. She also works with partners to coordinate community movie events including Movie on the Lawn and Silents in the Cathedral.