Crafts information at the library can encompass knitting patterns, quilting designs, basketweaving instructions, cross stitch diagrams, fine wood-working techniques, step-by-step watercolor painting, advice for sketching human figures, scrapbooking and cardmaking inspiration and many other crafty topics. Whether you are a novice looking to try something new or a life-long crafter checking out the newest titles in your area of expertise, the library supports your enthusiasm for your artistic hobbies with books, DVDs, magazines and even a database of information on craft topics.

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Learn how to weave using simple tools.

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fortunately the milk

Readapalooza 8: Fortunately, the Milk

Listen to an excerpt from Fortunately, the Milk then get crafty with milk paint!

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Find tips for updating old clothes to save money, learn new skills and help the environment.

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