5 Gardening Trends for 2017

Here’s the scoop on 5 popular trends in the garden for 2017, according to Garden Design, Country Living, and Sunset magazines.

Trend #1

While using native plants in gardens is nothing new, they’re becoming more popular than ever as climate change affects the different regions and sustainability becomes the watch word. There’s also an increased use of endemic plants, those native to an ecosystem. More people are getting away from the thirsty, fussy flowers that need copious amounts of water and chemicals to survive and looking for drought tolerant plants, like succulents. Locaflorism, the practice of buying locally grown flowers, in season, instead of the commercially, showy displays flown in from around the globe is gaining approval. (reading list)

Trend #2

Growing your own food used to be fairly common decades ago. Then the convenience of grocery stores came along and gardens for food became the exception. Backyard homesteading is becoming popular again and with it special purpose gardens like herbal remedies, tea and dye plants for coloring yarn and textiles are appearing. People want to know how their food was grown and that it’s chemical free, hence the popularity of edible gardens and farmers’ markets. (reading list)

Trend #3

People want to spend more time in their gardens, doing other things besides gardening. They want play spaces, places to entertain, quiet places to re-group and escape today’s technological overload. Outdoor living has been popular for years, giving birth to outdoor living magazines, clothing, products, TV shows and stores. Your own backyard, or front yard or side yard, is a perfect place to be during the spring, summer and fall. (reading list)

Trend #4

Easy-care and smaller gardens are becoming popular, especially with the space-challenged and older gardeners. While that’s nothing new, the practice of using smaller versions of popular plants is an idea on the uprise. Dwarf shrubs, mini-roses, shrubs and others are a great answer for more manageability and lower maintenance. Vertical and container gardening can make the most of a small space. Air plants are very low-maintenance and an interesting way to bring plants indoors. (reading list)

Trend #5

Designers report more clients want more natural materials in their gardens. The trend seems to be away from the stark, minimalist look and toward a more organic design. Old-fashioned and DIY looks are also popular. (reading list)

Those are the trends we found. Are you incorporating any of these trends into your garden this year? Let us know!

Donna Casey

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