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Our local history subject files contain information about Topeka from A–Z.  In the files you will find newspaper clippings, photos, and archival material. There are also files dedicated to the people of Topeka and Shawnee County.

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Local History Digital Collection

The Local History Digital Collection consists of a wide array of digital reproductions of architectural drawings and blueprints, photographs, oral histories and select topics from our Vertical Files.

Newspaper Collection

Local History researchers and genealogists are fortunate because the Topeka State Journal, Topeka Daily Capitol and Topeka Capitol Journal, all three major newspapers serving our area, we have a complete run on microfilm from 1865 to the present.

List of Newspapers on Microfilm
Title Start Date End Date
Advocate 08/03/1895 03/04/1896
College Hill News 10/25/1923 7/4/1924
Columbia Herald 11/01/1894 03/01/1895
Comet 9/14/1900 10/18/1900
Commonwealth [weekly] 5/20/1869 11/01/1888
Commonwealth 05/01/1869 07/13/1888
Conregational News [single issue] 10/1/1900
Daily Democrate 02/20/1893 1/10/1901
Farmer’s Advocate 04/19/1899 11/28/1908
Kansas Breeze 04/13/1894 09/16/1895
Kansas Construction News 2/14/1913 12/31/1930
Kansas Farmer 05/01/1863 12/28/1892
Kansas State Record 10/15/1859 04/28/1875
North Topeka Mail 10/20/1882 09/01/1896
North Topeka Times [Topeka Weekly Times] 03/16/1871 05/05/1882
Rural Digest 11/25/1923 8/1/1924
Rural Kansan 8/31/1922 11/15/1923
Saturday Evening Lance 06/09/1883 01/11/1896
Shawnee Chief 4/25/1913 12/29/1921
Shawnee Farmer 1/5/1922 8/24/1922
Smasher’s Mail 3/1/1901 12/1/1901
Sunday Morning Commerical 06/24/1877 08/051877
Tall Windows 5/24/1905 5/28/1905
The Daily Critic 03/1884 06/1884
Topeka  Commerical Advertiser 03/25/1877 06/17/1877
Topeka  Commerical Advertiser [single issue] 03/05/1879
Topeka Advocate 08/10/1889 04/12/1899
Topeka Building Permits 2/22/1905 4/8/1905
Topeka Capitol Journal 8/1/1980 current
Topeka Commerical Bulletin 05/1889
Topeka Daily 04/01/1879 7/31/1980
Topeka Daily Herald 7/1/1901 7/22/1901
Topeka Mail 08/07/1885 09/06/1895
Topeka Mail & Breeze 09/13/1895 12/26/1903
Topeka Plain Dealer [African American] 01/06/1899 11/7/1958
Topeka State Journal 10/01/1879 7/31/1980
Topeka Weekly Leader 12/07/1865 11/04/1876


The library’s Local History department is compiling a county-wide collection of school yearbooks starting from the time yearbooks began, to the present. These yearbooks are available in the Topeka Room Suite. What we are looking for:

  1. Yearbooks in excellent condition (those with handwriting are fine)
  2. A school located in the city of Topeka or any town in Shawnee County, Kansas.
  3. Any elementary, Jr. high, middle school and especially high school
  4. Check our listing of yearbook to see if we have it in our collections.

Contact the Topeka Room at (785) 580-4510 to make arrangements to donate yours today.

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