Changing as we age

It’s said that the only certainty in life is change. This is nowhere more true than with ourselves, especially as we age.

Whether we like it or not, our minds and bodies change as we get older. Changes from eyesight to hearing, from brain function to our skin occur as we age. Even our values and worldview can change as we age. While there’s nothing we can do to prevent this, a good understanding of the psychological, biophysical and social changes we should expect is beneficial. If we understand what’s happening to us as we get older, we can become more familiar with prevention and intervention strategies that will allow us live a better life.

Washburn University faculty are presenting two upcoming programs at the library that will address these issues. On Tues, Aug 29, Dr. Bassima Schbley will present “How We Change as We Age” that covers changes we can expect and what can be done to treat, prevent and intervene to improve our quality of life. On Mon, Sept 25 Dr. Ralynn Schmalzried will present “Brain Learning, Brain Training and Brain Busters as We Age” that addresses memory processes that change as we age, and whether or not brain training and other products designed to help keep a healthy brain and memory are effective. Both programs will be from 12:30-2 pm in Marvin Auditorium.

Here are some resources we have available related to how we change as we age and how to live a better life as we age:

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