Wonderstruck: The Big Read Book for Kids

Wonderstruck book jacketIn the book Wonderstruck, Ben’s dreams are haunted by wolves; memories of his mom fill his waking hours. Once she told him as long as he could find the North Star, he would never be lost. Now his mom is gone, and just like Major Tom in her favorite song, Ben is “floating in a most peculiar way, and the stars look very different today.” Then Ben discovers a small blue book in her belongings, titled Wonderstruck. The front page contains a cryptic inscription, “for Danny, Love, M.” Suddenly, Ben discovers a compelling new direction for his life.

Fifty years earlier, Rose also finds herself adrift and alone. Isolated by deafness, confined to the house by her father, Rose spends hours creating cities of intricate paper buildings and dreaming of Lillian Mayhew, the silent film star of the day. When Rose learns her idol is appearing on stage in New York, she slips out of her house and sneaks backstage for a glimpse of the actress. When they meet, we discover why Rose is so determined to see the illusive film star.  And when Lillian angrily tries to send Rose back home, she rebels. Slipping away again, Rose begins anew her search for a place she belongs.

Wonderstruck is two stories in one. Flowing, descriptive text relates Ben’s story; beautiful illustrations portray Rose’s story. Together, words and pictures bring the children’s experiences to life, spark emotions and ignite intrigue. Brian Selznick’s masterfully mixed media tells the story of two children’s search for the place they belong, and when their stories converge, you find indeed, “the world is full of wonders.”

Marlana Hodgkinson

Marlana is a youth services specialist who has worked in the Kids Library for the last 7 years. She works with kids of all ages, from Toddler Time 2, to the mid-grade program Gathering STEAM, to Teen Writers Group. She enjoys hiking and biking, playing board games with her family, and the feeling of satisfaction at the end of a great book.