The Bookmark S3 E13: Strategies for book series

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This week we discuss reading book series. Reading a book series can be a serious commitment, especially when a series has tons of books. Characters tend to develop over a period of time and you need to remember them (or cheat like our hosts do by brushing up on the Wikipedia page). It also sucks when a series abruptly stops because the next book, for various reasons, wasn’t published.

Kids, however, love series books. We think they love them because children’s and young adult series are fast-paced and palatable. Children’s series are also more likely to be the type you don’t need to read in order.

Autumn doesn’t like to start reading a series unless the entire series has been published. That way she doesn’t need to refresh between books or wait for the next one. She can just power-read through the whole thing. The only series Autumn can recall reading as it came out is the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah Maas because she just couldn’t wait.

Here are the books we discussed this time:

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