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While the Bookmark is on hiatus for the summer we are re-posting our hosts favorite episodes from the last season. In this episode our hosts discuss strategies other than blocks of text some authors use to tell a story. Collaboration often goes hand-in-hand with these different ways of storytelling.

Unconventional biographies & memoirs

Chris read an oral biography on TuPac, Changes. Instead of being an editorial, this book was a compilation of interviews from people who hadn’t necessarily spoken on this subject before. This included a juror and TuPac’s one-time doctor.

Autumn brought up photo memoirs and the book Hold Still. These memoirs allow amateur photographs to show a life, or in the case of this specific book, a year in review.

Graphic novels and speculative science fiction are ways to present a topic without discussing it right on the nose. Take the graphic novel Chris read about Rod Serling, the creator of The Twilight Zone and his approach to relative topics in his own time by way of aliens and other dimensions.

Connecting with communities

Miranda and Autumn both read books about food that delved into the communities these foods are from and are part of. More importantly, the books contained recipes you can make. These threads of food stories and recipes together reveal inheritance and culture.

If you’re looking for stories like these and our catalog doesn’t seem to have them, here’s your reminder that the library participates in InterLibrary Loans. This program allows us to borrow books from other libraries at no cost to you. Ask any library associate for more details if you have any questions.

Future reading

Autumn presented a new section for the podcast she lovingly dubbed “Blocker’s Book Awards” in reference to Chris’ love for book awards, especially The Booker Prize. For Chris The Booker Prize means he’s reading 13 books in three months. From the date the Booker longlist of 13 books is announced to the public there are about three months before the winner is announced. The hosts decided to help Chris out with his reading list and each adopt a Booker book to read and review in a future episode.

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The next episode of The Bookmark drops Oct 4!

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