Stalking a Killer in Southside

SouthsideGang violence is part of the backdrop of the city and has stopped making the news, but gang reporter Michael Lyons is shot on the street and becomes the news. He survives the attack but is not unscathed because while he is recovering a tape surfaces where Lyons discusses the advantages of being shot. It looks bad with hints of collusion possibly with the gangs he covers.

Lyons is fired from his job and with suspicion hanging over him uses his skills as a reporter to investigate and prove his innocence. He connects his own shooting to three other murders with one thing in common: the imprisoned gang member Big Evil. Lyons isn’t sure who is doing the killing because it doesn’t seem to be a gang member, but he is certain that the murderer is going to kill again. Southside is a gritty thriller by Michael Krikorian who has reported on Los Angeles gangs.


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