S2 E5: Music to My Ears

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Miranda’s Theme:  Music to My Ears

In this episode of The Bookmark our hosts focus on the connections between music and literature. Have you ever had difficulty describing something, and then find that music can express this idea that is difficult to get across in words?  “Music is why we’re here,” said host Miranda.

In Miranda’s first recommendation, The Sparrow, which has alternating timelines and traveling between planets, misunderstandings occur because of lack of cultural context. Music is the only means of communication between our race and an extraterrestrial one.

The six different stories of Chris’ first selection The Cloud Atlas seem to be different tones, but they come together like the perfect chord.  Sometimes it’s about the song that gets stuck in your head when you read even the description of the book. That’s what happens with Autumn’s romance pick that doesn’t end the way you think it will in One Day in December.

In Miranda’s second choice The Cellist of Sarajevo music is brought to the front lines in an act of bravery and to pay tribute. Ann Patchett powerfully weaves music throughout Chris’ second selection Bel Canto. Autumn’s final pick, Sundays at Tiffany’s is another song stuck in your head moment.

Discover more about all these book, plus the honorable mentions, by tuning into this week’s episode. Join us for next week’s theme: Taking Up Space.

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