Revenge and Betrayal in Half a King

Half a KingPrince Yarvi might be the son of a warrior king but he is anything but a warrior, instead he was trained to be a minister and was never meant to be on the throne. Things changed for Yarvi when his father and brother were killed in an ambush and suddenly Yarvi was destined for the kingship. He is completely unprepared to be the king or lead the troops into battle especially with a bad hand, but his new reign is brought to an abrupt end with an assassination attempt.

Yarvi was left for dead by his killers in a foreign land where he was captured by hostile forces and sold into slavery. He ended up chained to an oar as a rower with little food and even smaller chance for escape. Though Yarvi doesn’t want to be king his betrayal is enough to fuel his desire for freedom and his return home at any cost. In Half a King Yarvi must become brutal in mind and body to survive in this fantasy by Joe Abercrombie who is also the bestselling author of The First Law fantasy series.

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