How to restore your faith in humanity – with books

Girl gives out free rainbows

from Viral Circus

Every other week, it seems, a new tragedy emerges in the news and on social media that evokes outrage, grief, anger and feelings of helplessness. And sometimes, that makes it hard to feel optimistic about our world. While your favorite fiction genre can be a great escape from reality in troubled times, you might, instead, try reversing your grief, or at least easing it, by reading about the beauty and kindness in our world.

Immerse yourself in acts of love. Learn stories of those times when people helped. Read poetry that gives you perspective. Find the places in nature that restore the soul. Discover the work of activists who risk their lives to improve the lives of others. Read to restore your faith in humanity.



Leah is a former employee and wrote many stories and articles for the library.