Raising the Dead in Four Summoner’s Tales

Four Summoner's TalesA stranger arrives in town who promises to raise the dead but with a price. This one premise was undertaken by four bestselling authors, and the result is the book Four Summoner’s Tales. Each story reflects the author’s unique visions and writing style, creating a diverse collection of stories about the bereaved, the summoner, and the recently risen.

Kelley Armstrong’s Suffer the Children features a girl on the verge of adulthood who with her adoptive father discover how much their village is willing to pay to bring back the dead. In Pipers by Christopher Golden revenge for a mass murder takes on a twist when the dead become soldiers. David Liss places A Bad Season for Necromancy in 1700’s England where a young man realizes that with his new found skill of summoning that some deceased people are not wanted back among the living. Joe Ledger, who is the star of his own thriller series, is featured in Alive Day by Jonathan Maberry in this stand-alone story where he faces a nightmare in Afghanistan.


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