Powers Born from Death in Vicious

ViciousFor the last ten years Victor has obsessed about finding his old friend Eli and killing him. But it will be a fight because Eli is an EO, ExtraOrdinary, just like Victor. Being an EO means having special abilities like healing, bringing back the dead, or even the power to force someone to act against their own will. Finally Victor breaks out of prison and soon discovers where Eli is located.

Over the last years Eli has been busy killing other EOs except for one and together they’re prepared to take on Victor and his few allies who are also EOs. It’s a fight of a lifetime in Vicious, but this novel is also about broken friendships and the road that has led to this confrontation. This complex adventure blurs the lines between hero and villain. The author, V.E. Schwab, is also the author of the young adult fantasy novel, The Archived.


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