The Mutated Old West in the Fantasy, The Arrivals

The ArrivalsOne minute Chloe is in Washington D.C, and the next minute wakes up in a mutated old west with two moons, monsters, and magic. She is in shock, though there are people waiting to help her when she arrives. Brother and sister, Jack and Kitty, have been in this place called the Wasteland for many years, and they were from Chloe’s world only from an earlier time. There are also other people that have arrived to the Wasteland, but unfortunately there is a war and new arrivals must pick their side.

Greed and power are behind the war as Ajani, Jack and Kitty’s arch rival, tries to take control over more of the Wasteland for his own personal gain. New arrivals are offered a place in his army and the chance to live forever since his followers don’t stay dead. Jack and Kitty battle Ajani for followers, and Chloe must adapt and find her place in The Arrivals by Melissa Marr. The author wrote the popular Wicked Lovely series for young adults and the adult novel, Graveminder.


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